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On May 12, 2020 the Governor of Arizona issued Executive Order 2020-36 denoting the fact that Arizona has entered Phase 1 of a three phase recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. On May 8, 2020, the Arizona Supreme Court issued Administrative Order 2020-75 implementing requirements to be followed by judicial courts during the three phase recovery. In light of the orders and policies contained in those two orders, and especially to protect the health of both members of the public who have pending administrative matters and Office of Administrative Hearings staff, hearings and prehearings conducted on or after June 1, 2020 shall be subject to the following:

(1) All hearings and prehearing conferences shall be conducted either by video conferencing or telephone unless otherwise ordered.

(2) A party to a hearing who can demonstrate an inability to present its case via video conference or telephone may, not later than 7 calendar days prior to the hearing date, request that the assigned administrative law judge set the matter for an in-person hearing.

(3) If the judge grants the request for in-person hearing, the following standards shall be observed by anyone appearing in-person:

(a) Only one individual for a party and, if represented, the party’s attorney or legal representative, shall be permitted to appear in-person. No witness for any party shall appear in-person. All witnesses shall appear at the proceeding only via video conference or telephone.

(b) Anyone attending a hearing in-person shall follow all applicable social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of other hearing participants and Office of Administrative Hearings staff.

(c) Anyone attending a hearing in-person shall, at all times while on the premises of the Office of Administrative Hearings, wear a suitable face mask to minimize the risk of transmission of illness.

(4) In the sole discretion of the assigned administrative law judge, an in-person hearing may be continued to a later date if the judge determines that the safety or welfare of the hearing participants requires an immediate adjournment of the matter. This authority is in addition to any other basis for adjournment or continuance prescribed by Title 2, chapter 19 of the Arizona Administrative Code or otherwise provided by law.

(5) Public access to those cases which are open to the public shall be by Google Meet only and subject to capacity limitations inherent in Google Meet. A member of the public wishing to attend a case open to the public shall request from the Office of Administrative Hearings the Google Meet link or dial in telephone number for the hearing.

(6) The assigned administrative law judge shall at all times have the power to vary these requirements in a particular case to prevent injustice or the infringement of any constitutional or statutory right. The administrative law judge may so act on motion or stipulation of any party or parties, and may also act upon the administrative law judge’s s own initiative.


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Mission Statement: We will contribute to the quality of life in the State of Arizona by fairly and impartially hearing the contested matters of our fellow citizens arising out of State regulation.




    Advisement: OAH Staff cannot give legal advice. Legal advice could be described, but is not limited to: offering interpretation of rules; recommending a course of action; predicting a judicial officer's decision and interpreting the meaning or effect of any court order or judgment.