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Note: Although most cases are tracked and can be researched using the OAH Portal, certain cases are designated for special treatment, either due to the number of parties, the expected quantity of filings, or other special characteristics. The following links are to all such web-based Electronic Case Files that currently are within the OAH document retention period.



In the Matter of City of Casa Grande Fire Department



21-004-WQAB /21-006-WQAB
In the Matter of Chris Werhoven AND Patgonia Area Resource Alliance, Defenders of Wildlife, Arizona Mining Reform Coalition, Borderlands Restoration Network, Center for Biological Diversity, Earthworks, Firends of the Santa Cruz River, Friends of Sonoita Creek, Sky Island Alliance, and Tucson Audubon Society VS. State of Arizona Department of Environmental Quatlity and Arizona Minerals Inc.



In the Matter of City of Goodyear dba City of Goodyear Fire Department


In the Matter of the Decision of Director to Deny Amended Application to Partially Sever and Transfer Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District's Statement of Claim of Right No. 36-105209


In the Matter of the Arizona Department of Water Resources' Denial of Douglas Ranch's Application for an Extension of Analysis of Assured Water Supply, Application No. 28-401645.0000


In the Matter of: Priority Ambulance Yavapai, LLC dba Priority Ambulance


In the Matter of: Union Metro LLC, vs. Arizona Department of Housing


In the Matter of: Life Line Ambulance Service, Inc.


In the Matter of: Critical Air Response Enterprises, LLC dba AirCARE1 Ground Ambulance Division


In the Matter of: Snowflake/Taylor Ambulance Service dba: Taylor EMS dba: Taylor Snowflake Fire & Medical dba: TSFMD.


In the Matter of: Arrowhead Mobile Healthcare, Inc.


In the Matter of: Critical Air Response Enterprises, LLC dba AirCare1 Ground Ambulance Division


In the Matter of: ABC Ambulance


In the Matter of: ADEQ Air Quality Permit No. 67001


In the Matter of: City of Sierra Vista dba Sierra Vista Fire & Medical Services


In the Matter of: Falck Arizona Corporation, dba Falck