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Research Procedures, Rules and Statutes Affecting Your Case

[Golden Rule: A very common mistake parties make is to file a motion or send a letter to a judge without sending a copy to the other parties. Since no party would want any action taken without an opportunity to be heard, every party must make sure that all other parties are notified and given a copy of any motion or letter sent to an administrative law judge. See OAH Procedural Rule R2 -19-108.

OAH Procedural Rules Uniform Administrative Hearings Procedures These are statutory provisions establishing the OAH and outlining the appeals process. For specific procedures involving your case, see the OAH Procedural Rules (above).

Link to Arizona Administrative Code Here you can research the rules promulgated by the regulating agency that may impact your case.

Link to Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) by title.

Notices of Hearing provided by agencies will refer to these statutes. The number appearing immediately after the "A.R.S." refers to the title.


Standing Orders Orders issued by the Director