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Motions/ Filing Documents

Electronic Submission Form

All communication with the Administrative Law Judge must be in writing. Use the Electronic Submission Form in the above link to communicate with an Administrative Law Judge or to request action be taken on a case. This form may also be used to communicate with the director of the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Examples of such requests or actions are: requests to appear telephonically, motions to continue (reschedule), vacate (cancel) a hearing, Notice of Appearance, requests for interpreter, file exhibits, etc.., as well as responses to these documents. State agencies may also file the Notice of Hearing with OAH and to parties using this form.

File attachments may be entered into the electronic submission form (20 MB maximum total size per submission. If more than 20 MB of data needs to be submitted, it must be broken up into multiple submissions).

Emails and attachments, if any, will be sent to the parties that are entered. OAH acts as a pass-through (similar to the post office) and is not responsible for the entry of incorrect email addresses or limitations or filters on recipient’s email that prevent emails and/or attachments from being delivered.  A party to a case using this system remains responsible for ensuring that emails and attachments are served on the other party.  Arizona Administrative Code R2-19-108 (E)

Click here for examples of other forms, e.g. Subpoenas, Notice of Appearance, and Notice of Action in Judicial Appeals.