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The OAH Portal

Important information. Please read this first.

The OAH portal allows you to find case information and view documents. When you enter the Matter Id, you will be directed to a general screen for the case. You may then select either "Events" to view case information, or "Documents" to download and view orders, scanned documents, and audio files.

The following types of cases are not viewable through the portal because Arizona Statute has rendered them confidential:

  • Department of Child Safety - Matter id ends with " -DCS"
  • Special Education cases (Department of Education)- Matter id ends with "-ADE" and contains the letters "DP" in the second sequence of numbers (eg 01C - DP - ADE)
  • Indigent health care (AHCCCS) - Matter id ends with "-AHC"
  • Indigent mental health care (Department of Health Services) Matter id ends with "-DHS" and contains the letters "BHS" in the second sequence of numbers (eg 01C - BHS0000 - DHS)
  • Revenue (Department of Revenue) Matter id ends with "-REV"
  • Insurance (Department of Insurance) Matter id begins with a number sequence ending with a "C", such as "00C", "99C" etc.
  • Board of Fingerprinting - Matter id ends with "BOF."

Contact the Office at (602) 542-9826 if your case concerns any of these types, or if you are unable to find your case.

Digital Audio Records

To listen to a digital recording of the hearing (designated by the note ".aac" or ".dss" in the documents section in a case) depending on what format it was recorded in you may need to take a few steps before it will be playable.

If the recording is designated with ".aac" then there is no need to download a media player as it should player on your device without having to do so. If the recording is designated with a ".dss" then you will need to download these two programs in this order as needed:

  • 1. DssLite (choose open when prompted to download to your computer );
  • 2. Registry fix (persons who have previously used the DssLite and who are now experiencing problems need only install this fix.

Digital files are found in the "documents" section of a case and are available the next business day after creation. Digital audio records that are more than 3 years old are not available pursuant to OAH's retention schedule.

Finding a Case on the Portal

There are three ways to search for a case: (1) Matter ID; (2) Description; and (3) Client Sort. For useful hints about how to use these methods, click on the links below:

Matter Id


Client Sort

General Log On:

  • USE the Login Name : gen

  • Use the password: general (all lower case)

Enter the OAH Portal