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About our logo...

Lady Liberty used to grace our coins. Somewhere along the way we abandoned the practice. When looking for a fitting symbol for regulatory reform, I looked at a liberty dollar my Sicilian grandfather gave me when I was a very young boy. He had risen from a day-laborer “off-the-boat” to a businessman making the best pizza in Phoenix (he claimed!) For whatever reason, the liberty-head silver dollar was the gift he gave his grandchildren who visited the restaurant. I think it symbolized his gratitude. To me, using the liberty head for the Office of Administrative Hearings symbolizes a recognition that our financial wealth, like so many of our treasured values, lies in liberty. If we need some degree of community regulation in our lives, at least let it be with care and restraint. Let it be, as befits a free people, with every safeguard to ensure that every citizen has a voice and a fair opportunity to be heard. Heady stuff, but that’s the mission of the OAH.

1995 - Cliff Vanell, Founding Director