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The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is not part of a court. The ALJ is an employee of the Office of Administrative Hearings and not an employee of the regulating agency which has initiated the action or from whose action or inaction you have appealed. You may view a biography and a picture of the assigned ALJ here. The ALJ will decide facts, apply law, and make recommendations to the regulating agency. Normally, it will be the regulating agency, and not the ALJ, who will make the final decision in your case. There are exceptions where the ALJ makes the final decision. In most cases, if the agency does not act within 30 days of receiving the recommendation of the ALJ, the ALJ's recommendation will become final. In some cases, the board or commission may only have 5 days to take action after a meeting.

The ALJ of the Office of Administrative Hearings is charged with making sure that you have had a fair, impartial, and independent opportunity to be heard before an agency acts. The function of the ALJ can best be summed up by our Mission Statement:

"We will contribute to the quality of life of the State of Arizona by fairly and impartially hearing the contested matters of our fellow citizens arising out of State regulation."