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Public record request, which included audio requests, may be made by emailing [email protected].


*** In order to assist you, please highlight and copy the following template with certification into the body of the email. This information helps in processing your request.



1. Date:

2. First Name:

3. Last Name:

4. Contact Number:

5. Email Address:

6. Mailing Address:

7. Is this for Non-Commercial Purpose or Commercial Purpose?

8. OAH Docket Number (if applicable):

9. Enter Request below:


By sending this request I further certify that I have reviewed the definition of commercial and non-commercial purposes; that I understand the the cost of a copy reproduction for all documents is at $0.50/page for 8.5 x 11", or the cost incurred by the OAH for replication of oversized documents; and that the cost of replication must be paid prior to replication.