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R2-19-113. Subpoenas

A. Form. A party shall request a subpoena in writing from the administrative law judge and shall include:

1. The caption and docket number of the matter;
2. A list or description of any documents sought;
3. The full name and home or business address of the custodian of the documents sought or all persons to be subpoenaed;
4. The date, time, and place to appear or to produce documents pursuant to the subpoena; and
5. The name, address, and telephone number of the party, or the party's attorney, requesting the subpoena.

B. An Administrative Law Judge may require a brief statement of the relevance of testimony or documents.
C. Service of Subpoena. Any person who is not a party and is at least eighteen years of age may serve a subpoena. The person shall serve the subpoena by delivering a copy to the person to be served. The person serving the subpoena shall provide proof of service by filing with the office a certified statement of the date and manner of service and the names of the persons served.
D. Objection to Subpoena. A party, or the person served with a subpoena who objects to the subpoena, or any portion of it, may file an objection with the administrative law judge. The objection shall be filed within 5 days after service of the subpoena, or at the outset of the hearing if the subpoena is served fewer than 5 days before the hearing.
E. Quashing, Modifying Subpoenas. The administrative law judge shall quash or modify the subpoena if:

1. It is unreasonable or oppressive, or
2. The desired testimony or evidence may be obtained by an alternative method.