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How to Download a Digital Audio File


Parties will need to download a program to read the compressed format which is accessible via a link found here. The Portal is a secure site and all data is encrypted in route. Agencies with confidential hearings will receive a special password to view cases online. Non-agency parties in such cases can request in writing a CD version which will be provided free of charge. The CD will contain the necessary program to play the digital file.


How to Listen to the Audio Record of Your Hearing


How to Listen to the Audio Record of Your Hearing


  • Click here.


  • This takes you to the page entitled ‘The OAH Portal’. Scroll down to the second section called ‘Digital Audio Records’. Click on the blue words ‘download this program’. The player for the audio records will install on your computer.


  • Scroll down to the next section and click on the words ‘Enter the OAH Portal’.


  • Type ‘gen’ for Login intials and ‘general’ for password; click OK or press Enter on your keyboard.


  • At the next page click ‘New Matter Search’ or the file cabinet.


  • Click in the Search for box and type the docket number of your matter.


  • Click on the matter id that comes up.


  • Click on the Document column heading. Find the audio file in the notes column. It will end in dss.


  • Click click on View. The file will be downloaded to your computer. There may be a delay as the file is downloaded. Click on Open at the next pop up.


  • The DSS Player Lite will start and play the audio file.